Aug 15, 2016

Week 11 - August 15,2016

Making Papusas

Hello!  What a week it has been. As per usual, it wasn't easy - but everyday things get a little bit easier, and I am learning so much all of the time.  My knowledge of the Gospel and my own personal testimony have grown so much in this last week.  To be honest I had some days that tested my physical, mental, and spiritual strength more than I can express in words.  I think they had to have been the hardest days I have ever experienced. However, as I have been on my knees praying with more energy of my heart and intent than I ever have before - I have seen my Heavenly Father work miracles in my life.  I thought I just might give up this week, but when I was feeling my lowest my Heavenly Father picked me right back up.  I'm happy, truly happy, and I love being a missionary.

My ability to communicate with people has improved so rapidly that I can hardly believe it.  I know that my successes with the Spanish language are all because of the Gift of Tongues, and I am so humbled and thankful that my Father has been literally pouring this blessing over me.  We were in a lesson with a less active member this week and she guessed that I had been on my mission for over a year because of how great my Spanish is. ¿What? I was so happy haha. Later in the week we had a zone conference with President Spjut which was absolutely amazing in every way. Part of the conference was doing practice lessons with President and I was pretty nervous...But after he said that my Spanish really is as if I've been here for a year, and that he couldn't be more proud of me! Best day ever. My confidence in opening my mouth grew a ton and the language barrier is starting to not really be a barrier at all.

Sometimes I think that my Heavenly Father has a sense of humor with a lot of the things going on in my life.  Kind of like, He wants me to be happy, but He also wants to have fun at the same time.  On Friday nights we have an activity at the church for missionary work.  Members bring their friends, we bring investigators, and a short message about the gospel is taught with treats.  It's great!  By some miracle this week we had 12 investigators in this meeting.  I was praying and thanking my Heavenly Father with all of my heart for helping us to have some success when the 2nd counselor of the bishopric began his lesson about how to prepare dead people before their burial.  The horror.  The meeting was a disaster, with people asking the most absurd questions I have ever heard.  Our investigators have a million questions, I have zero answers. Beautiful things happening here in Ataco.

My favorite person, Yesenia, taught me how to make papusas this week! I can't wait to make them for you guys once I'm back home, and luckily I have a lot of time to practice before then.

As I have been learning more about this gospel and the life of my Savior, Jesus Christ, I have become awestruck, humbled and thankful beyond words. I am amazed at His sacrifice, His love and His grace. I cannot express in words the gratitude that I have for all that He has done for me, and for what through Him, I have the opportunity to become.  I testify that He lives, and that because of He lives, we all can live again.  I testify that this is the truth, and that our Savior is the way and the light.  These words from my favorite hymn played over and over in my mind this week, "Then sings my soul, my Savior God to Thee, How Great Thou Art!" I love my Heavenly Father, my Savior, and all of you!

Until next week,

Hermana Houston

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