Sep 12, 2016

Week 15 - September 12, 2016

Hola!  How is everyone doing?  This week wasn't anything spectacular for me but was a good week nonetheless. We felt like we worked our lil' booties of all week and no one was in church yesterday. Ah! But it's okay. There's different things to be learned from the good times and the bad. So, I'm learning and keeping a smile on my face. The good news is that we all have a loving Heavenly Father and there's a new, fresh week ahead of us. Woohoo!

Ataco celebrated the Festival of Lanterns this week.  It was absolutely crazy.  These small streets were filled with people, and the whole town was lit by a million different colored lanterns.  It was gorgeous, and the people were absolutely wild, haha. There have been parties until 3 a.m. every night since Wednesday...So I'm exhausted but I think we will be able to sleep tonight.

My sweet friend Rosa Elena had some things happen in her life this week that have caused her to doubt everything about our message. Tricky, Satan.  We talked with her on Saturday and she said that she won't close the door yet.  I don't know what is going to happen, and my heart has been aching for the last 3 days.  I just want to help her find happiness, but I've been praying a lot and feel that everything will work out.  Sometimes I just want to grab people by the shoulders, with love, and say, "listen, this is the truth!  This is eternal life, forever families, and Salvation! Please open your heart!"  But I know that no one is going to come unto Christ by persuasion or convincing words... Only through the soft impressions of the spirit, in result of sincere prayers. So, I'll keep trusting in that.

The good news is that my little brother Fernando is as enthusiastic about the gospel as ever.  We've been trying to read the Book of Mormon with Fernando for the last 2 or so weeks to make sure he is understanding everything, but he always said he was too embarrassed of his glasses, and he can't read without them.  I told him that if I wore my glasses he had to also - and he agreed. On Monday night we read part of the Book of Mormon with Fernando, and this young boy cried as he bore his testimony of his Savior, Jesus Christ. And, he said I helped him feel confident enough to wear his glasses to school.  No more blind-learning for Fernando. A much-needed miracle.

We had a missionary work activity on Saturday and I was asked to speak for 5-7 minutes at the end.  I was terrified!  For me at least, there's a big difference between having a conversation with someone in a foreign language, and standing in front of a chapel full of people and talking.  I was nervous, and spent the whole week practicing with Hermana Reyes  As I walked up to the pulpit to give my talk, all of the lights went out, and I couldn't see a thing that I had written down.  I gave my talk, but felt that it was overall awkward and sloppy.  However, Saturday night the Bishop called to tell me how impressed he was by my talk and that I'm a great blessing to the ward.  He then explained that someone who was going to speak in church the next day was sick and he needed me to speak. For 20 minutes. The gift of tongues worked some miracles and I somehow pulled in off.  So, I overcame that hurdle this week!  First talk as a missionary.

Ataco has turned into Alaska, and it is freezing cold at night. Which means more lizards, cockroaches, and spiders in the house.  Haha, a dream. The spider count is 347 as of this morning, and no, it is nothing like the facebook video.  Haha, it is second nature now.

I know that Heavenly Father loves each of us and that Christ lives.  He is the truth and the light, and this is His church.

I love you all,

Hermana Houston

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