Nov 28, 2016

Week 26 - November 28, 2016

Hello Hello all of my Beautiful Friends and Family,

What a week! It is crazy that this week I will reach 6 months in my mission! What? 6 months of Spanish, 6 months of hand washing my clothes, 6 months of serving my Savior and Redeemer.. And my heart could not be anymore thankful. I love being a missionary, and the time is passing by all too quick.

I usually am an overall positive person, but Thanksgiving was hard without you all. The good news is that I got to eat apple pie with my girl Hermana Jensen, but it wasn't the same. After our activity I felt a little down.. A little like.. Ha, one more year. But, I didn't have a pity party or anything, and we went out to work. We went to visit the Miranda Family who are recent converts. Literally the cutest children I have ever met.. They all came running to give me a hug, and told me they had a surprise. They had bought me this adorable Christmas Bear, and wrote a note (in English because they are adorable) "We think it is hard to not be with your family for Christmas but remember that you are part of our family forever" Oh my goodness. It was the sweetest thing, and now I am back to feeling like a year here can´t possibly be enough time.

Also meet my wonderful friend Anna, also a recent convert. She is the sweetest person, and even though she is so sick.. She is so quick to serve others in any way that she can. We take care of her for a little bit everyday, and she is such a light in my life. If someone were to tell me that I am here in Centro just to have been able to meet Anna, I would be perfectly fine with that. She told me last night that she always tries to serve people and act like Jesus would, but that she has a hard time loving people. I told her that we aren't perfect, but that if we pray really hard and do our best.. Our Heavenly Father will make up for the area that we lack. "Hermana Houston, I think you are right. And you should know that you entered my heart the second that I met you."

You guys, missionary work is hard. Some days are really hard.. But I love being here more than I could ever express. These people are literally changing my life, and I just hope and pray that I can do something to help them in their lives too. I miss you all, but I am having the time of my life. I love serving others and I love representing my Savior.

Have the best week!

Hermana. Houston

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