Dec 5, 2016

Week 27 - December 5, 2016


Oh, what a week. I would be lying if I said that I didn't miss you guys. That I didn't miss home a little.. The truth is that the holidays are hard! But, I love my life here. My weeks are spent teaching the restored gospel to amazing families, teaching little kids how to read, and learning how to become a better, more humble person. Life isn't super easy for me right now, but there is always something to be happy about, and I love being a missionary.

We spent all of the morning hiking a literal mountain. The Elders made it sound like it was a cute little hike, but then all of the sudden we were making our own path with pocket knives. Haha, an experience that I will never forget. The view was beautiful, and I only have a few minor injuries.. So all is well. My companion hit her head on tree branches more than I ever thought could be possible, but shes acting normal.. So I am pretty sure that everything is okay. 

There are some great progressing investigators here, and we are just trying to help them with their doubts. The most amazing part is that we are also teaching two really positive families! Teaching families is the best. One of the families, is a family of 11 which is a little missionary miracle. They have a lot of doubts and questions, but we are doing our best to help them. And they came to church yesterday! It was so beautiful and they loved it. The mom recently threw out her back so Saturday Morning we went to help her clean her house a little bit. My good intentions turned into washing 11 people's clothes.. But its okay! Because service is good, and I love everyone. And washing their clothes.. With my hands.. For 11 hours.

My 6 month mark started with waking up to a dead frog in my bed, (thanks to the oh so thoughtful Hermana Guzman), and ended with more Pupusa practice, so you can all get ready for how fun that is going to be in a quick year. The Pupusas, not the frog. I slept with the dumb thing the whole night because I had no idea, and just keep praying that I won't end up with a terrible disease. But life is happy happy happy!

Well, I love you all a lot. The Christmas Devotional was so beautiful last night, and I am so thankful to be spreading my Savior's gospel during this time of the year. As we apply His attributes in our lives and becoming more like Him, we can find true joy. I know that this is true! Have the happiest week.

Hermana. Houston

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