Feb 13, 2017

Week 37 - February 13, 2017

Hello beautiful people,

Hi! How is everyone doing? I am doing much better, and my health feels just about back to normal.. Woohoo! Miracles. It was a nice, chilly week here in Santa Ana. So chilly that the strength of the sun combined with the dry brush on the mountains created fires. I am not kidding. I passed part of this week feeling like I was living in a movie, but it is normal life. On Friday my companion and I were walking in the street, trying to figure out how to not breath in all of the smoke, but we were also sweating so terribly from the sun.. That we just started to laugh! It was a mess. And then we laughed harder when a member told us that it just keeps getting hotter here until May.. Ha.

The work is going well. Sister Chinchilla and I spent the week trying to figure out how to fix everything from my days when I was dying of the  Black Plague.. Despite a few challenges, we are back into the swing of things and doing well. Not much to report for this week but I am sure for next week yes... Hehe. The good news is that Sister Chinchilla and I continue to get along so well. I think it is incredible. But I really am enjoying my mission more than I ever have before.

A really beautiful experience happened this week with a less active member, who thanks to a prompting from the spirit, we found at just the right moment. This sweet woman has passed through so many difficult things in her life, and during this moment was feeling very discouraged. She said a prayer pleading for help, and apparently not seconds later these two sister missionaries knocked on her door. I had never met her, had never seen her, and Sister Chinchilla neither. But we talked about life, and faith, and the ways that we can keep pressing on despite discouragement. We shared Ether 12:32 with her, and talked about how we can have hope for a better life with our Heavenly Father. We cried, we sang, we prayed, and encouraged her to return to church. And she came! Experiences like these have to be what I love most about missionary work. Being the Lords hands to help his children, in the moment when they need it most.

We celebrated Elder Slater's birthday this week which was fun. The poor thing has only been here a couple days in Centro, and didn't tell anyone about his birthday. But, when we found out we tried to pull a little surprise party together with some of the members. I made Chicken Cordon Bleu (how is that spelt?) (I am just thinking of the guy from High School Musical) which is actually really impressive because I don't have Pintrest or anything. And usually a strong lack of ability to cook. I continue to become more of the crafty mormon mom that I never thought I could be.

Well my cute friends and family, I love you all. I hope that you have a Happy Happy Valentines Day. You can put your money on it that I will be eating pizza.

Sister Houston

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