Mar 20, 2017

Week 42 - March 20,2017


Hello hello,
It is going to be a short email this week because I am in a cyber and things are crazy around here. I am happy, and we had a good week. The news of transfers is that I am staying in Centro with Sister Chinchilla! I never dreamed I would have 3 transfers with my favorite little Latina, but our time together has not ended just yet.. And we are SO excited! Working for your Heavenly Father with one of your best friends by your side is a dream come true, and there is a lot to be excited about for this change.
I learned how to make tamales this week, so I continue to become my favorite white latina. Someone asked me if I was from Brazil on Friday. That makes 5 times that people have asked me that question. It is funny for a lot of reasons, but none of which that I will share right now.
I also threw up rotten fruit soup, maybe I will share the story next week. Maybe not. Sister Chinchilla had to sneak me out of the house with the throw up bundled up in my skirt so that we wouldn't offend the member. My life is a wonderland.
Love you all. Miss you all.
Sister Houston

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