Oct 10, 2016

Week 18 - October 3, 1016

Hello, hello!  October? 4 months in my mission? What? It feels like time just isn't a thing anymore here in the beautiful mountains of El Salvador, it is all passing by so quickly. However, this is much better than if the time was passing by slowly, so no complaining from this missionary:) This week had it's ups and downs, as per usual... But conference was so wonderful that I can't be anything but happy now.

The most exciting news that I've ever had to give in my whole life is that Rosa Elena came to conference!  Ahh, have there ever been more beautiful words? We had a lesson with her on Saturday night, and I was able to bear my testimony of Latter-Day Prophets and what conference means to me, which was a really cool experience.  After she said she would come to conference!  And she came! And she loved it! And she said she wanted to come to church next Sunday! Now, my experience as a missionary would tell me to not get my hopes up too high.... But we all already know that I am absolutely enthusiastic. I know that the spirit touched her heart, and that she felt a peace that can only come from the knowledge of the restored gospel. So, now I'll spend all week praying my little heart out that she won't forget how she felt, and that she'll come to church next Sunday.

Two days ago Hermana Reyes told me that her birthday was today!!! She originally told me it was in April because she didn't want to celebrate it, but then she decided she would be sad if we didn't do anything... I was so stressed. It is definitely difficult to plan a fun birthday for someone who you are with 24/7. But no need to fear, miracles have happened and I have somehow pulled off a surprise party for my cute lil' 22 year old!  I am super excited and just hope I can make this a fun day for her.

In other news, my best friends here, the Ramirez family, bought a cat this week and named it Houston. The cat and I don't get along very well but still an honor nonetheless.

I couldn't have loved conference more, and I hope you all enjoyed it too. I still didn't love watching it in Spanish,but the hymns were all in English so that was a fun break.  I love the messages about missionary work, the Book of Mormon, and the joy we can find in the life through our Savior Jesus Christ.  I know that this church and the message we have to share can be a beacon of light in the world that is ever-growing darker.  The fight for righteousness won't get any easier, but everyday we can become a little better, and a little stronger in standing for truth and light.  I don't know about you all, but the last hymn made me feel so determined and motivated! "Let Us All Press On", and we truly have no need to fear, because the Lord will always be on our side as we take part in His work. So, I'll keep pressing on here in Ataco, and I hope you all can keep pressing on back at home.

I know this is the true church and I love my Savior dearly.  Have a fantastic week!

Hermana Houston

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