Jan 16, 2017

Week 33 - January 16,2017

Hello Sweet Friends and Family,

You are going to have to forgive me, I don't have much time today. One of my best friends serving here with me in El Salvador received some tough family news, and we have spent a lot of time crying and hugging.. Because that's how life works out sometimes. I am just glad that I was here when she got here and that we can get through this next week together. She is amazing.

But for a quick, funny story. Quick background info..  In my mission I have seen a lot of ways in which the Lord has just placed people in our path, and because of that, I have complete faith in that someone walking down the street could be exactly the person that we need to talk to. Okay, so, this week we were walking down the street and this man said, "Hi, wait, I have always felt a need to talk to you!"  And typical Sister Houston.. In my mind I am saying, "Yes! An answer to our prayers! Our Heavenly Father has prepared this man to receive the gospel!" I was so excited. We started talking with him about the gospel and asked him how he felt that God had showed his love for him. "Well, probably by putting you in my path," he said. Again, the mind of Sister Houston.. "Oh my goodness! He can tell that we are messengers of Christ and that we are here to help! How amazing is this?" As we kept talking the man interrupted.. "It's just your eyes.. And your.. your hair. And your beautiful white skin..". Are you kidding me??  As you can all imagine, I was devastated.. And now my companion tells me, "Goodnight Pretty Eyes" every evening.. Because not much has changed, and people still continue to enjoy my suffering.

Hermana Houston

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