Jan 2, 2017

Week 31 - January 2,2017

Dear family and friends,

Happy New Year! How amazing that it is already January..? I feel like December started yesterday, but I guess that is how the time passes here in the mission. All too quickly.. However I am doing the best that I can to make the most of every little missionary minute that my Heavenly Father is giving me, and I am so happy! I cannot even explain it.

Meet my beautiful "hija", Hermana Chinchilla. I was hesitant to call her that because I didn't want to offend her, but then she told me after our first day that I was the best mom that she could have ever asked for:) so now we are just a happy little family here in Centro. My companion is amazing, but you guys.. Amazing! She came ready to work, and with a testimony of gold. Working with her is such a joy. While I feel very inadequate to be a trainer, things could not be better. We are working hard and truly seeing the results of that.

Jose Rafeal passed his interview on Saturday! And he is going to be baptized this Saturday! I repeat, he is going to be baptized this Saturday! I was talking to Jose yesterday and he said, "Hermana Houston, I had lost hope that I was ever going to be able to change.. But look! Here I am, a very sinful man who is about to start his life over in 6 days. Look at me! Jose Rafeal is now a man of faith!" It has been the biggest blessing, and the most beautiful experience to have watched this man change over the last few weeks. I love this gospel! I love that no matter where we are at, as we apply the gospel of Jesus Christ, we can become better, happier, and more faithful people. I have seen it happen in my own life, and right before my eyes with my dear friend Jose. What joy it is to be a missionary!

I always love the time of starting a new year.. A time of self reflection and setting goals' mostly of losing weight or doing a better job at work or improving our relationship with our Heavenly Father.. Most of which we forget after two weeks.. However, my friendly missionary invitation would be that we make the effort to set goals! To set good ones, and to do what we need to in order to accomplish them. My companion and I made goals on Saturday Night, and the goal that Hermana Chinchilla set for me is that I will find a handsome husband in December hahaha.

Okay, I love you all dearly. I hope that you have a wonderful new year full of success, happiness, and finding peace through our loving Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Hermana Houston 

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