Jan 30, 2017

Week 35 - January 30, 2017

Hello hello my beloved friends and family,

Ahh, I think this week may have been one of the funniest weeks that I have yet to experience here in Santa Ana. I spent almost all week laughing, and also crying- because while I have grown in a lot of ways, I am still the most emotional person that I have ever met.

Okay okay. So my health is good. Kind of. I am feeling a lot better. Kind of. I still have some difficult stomach pain, but we keep pressing forward, and it should all pass soon. But, funny story. So one night this week we were eating dinner at the house of a family who is always really sweet with us. After I ate, I just had the worst stomach pain, and I was trying to ignore it but it was absolutely terrible. So, the Sister was trying to explain to me that the solution was to drink oil, and I was trying to explain that I had medicine from the mission and that everything was okay.. When all of the sudden she just yelled, "Sientese! Le voy a dar aciete!" (Sit down, I am going to give you oil) So with my passive personality and fear of offending others I sat down and she handed me a huge spoonful of pure vegetable oil. My companion at this point had tears running down her face from trying not to laugh, and asked if there wasn't a different type of oil that I was supposed to drink. All of the sudden the Sister grabbed my head and shoved the spoon in my mouth. As you can imagine... Yummy. After, she brought me a huge glass of Limeade, as if I wasn't already dying, and told me to drink it because she made it with love. Also.. Yummy. You guys, I love everyone. And I continue my trend of throwing up outside of members houses.

We have 3 really amazing investigators who all have baptism dates! They are wonderful! And progressing in the gospel! And also did not come to church yesterday.. so now I am sad. All 3 were for logical reasons, but I am still sad. So I will tell you more about them next week. If they come to church. And if I am not sad... Missionary work.

Well, I hope you guys know how much I love you. I hope that I am making you guys proud. This week I will complete 8 months in my mission which is unreal. I still feel like I got here yesterday. I am so thankful for my mission. For the things that I am learning, and the ways in which I am growing and progressing. It isn't anything easy, but it could not be more worth it.

Hermana Houston

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